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What is eDiets?

You have probably been looking around at some of the many different types of diet program is you are intent on losing some weight and maybe came across eDiets in your travels and wondered what it was. Well, I can tell you that this is another diet food delivery company that provides dieters with a really simple, convenient and hassle free way to lose weight. So what makes this company so special?

The first thing you will notice about eDiets (see for details) is that they supply a seven day meal plan rather than the longer month-long plans offered by other companies. They do this because their meals are made to order and are shipped fresh in cool bags and are meant to last for seven days, although they will keep a little longer in a fridge. This means you are getting fresh meals that are prepared and cooked by the company’s own in-house chefs and they do this once they receive your order.

You order through their website (or over the phone) and you get to choose the meals you want to have from their long list of meals on their menu. Unlike plans by Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, there are no set plans for different needs groups, you just work out what you need, be it a vegetarian or meat-based menu and choose your meals accordingly.

You choose whether you want the full seven days meals or just five days from seven so you can have weekends off to eat at restaurants or go visit family etc. There are three meals per day plus the snack bars if you want them (you can choose not to include them in your order and save money). The meals are then prepared and then shipped to you fresh.

The rest is about as simple as it can be. The general idea is that you eat the meals at the appropriate times and lose the weight gradually over time! How good is that!