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Is Home Delivered Diet Food Any Good?

I hear a lot about people going on diets where the food is delivered to the home and all that the person needs to eat for a set period of time is contained in the shipment. I have to say this sounds very convenient and tempting and it must be a great advertising plus to be able to offer dieters this kind of easy option.

Let’s face it, very few people really and truly want to work hard on a diet, especially when there are much easier options available at a price that most people cab realistically afford. With so many home delivered diet programs (see: for details) available these days, the hardest part about them is actually choosing between the different suppliers over who can provide the best diet. And that’s the question I want to look at in this post. Are these home diet delivery services really as good as they say and is the food really worth eating?

From the standpoint of a person who is used to eating good, old fashioned home cooked meals, they are probably going to be in for a big let down with just about ALL of the home diet delivery companies and their menus. Unless a company can come up with a way to totally emulate a home cooked meal in taste, texture and quality then they are always going to be inferior.

With that said, it might as well also be said that most people who are used to eating home cooked meals are not generally overweight because they are eating healthily and not living on a diet of processed, additive laden junk. So its a pretty moot point about the quality of diet meal delivery standing up to home cooked meals in any case, at least for the majority of people who need these diets to lose weight.

So that leaves us with people who are overweight BECAUSE their diets consist of processed, additive stuffed junk food. They are used to this kind of food, so anything that the diet companies are going to send them is going to taste pretty much on par with what they’re used to and in many cases even better!

So if that’s you and you want to lose weight but don’t want the hassle of cooking your own food, then get on a Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or eDiets diet or any one of the others and start losing weight with food that is probably better in every way to what you are currently living on!