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Watching What is in Food

These days you can’t avoid the obvious signs that people are getting bigger. Bigger as in fatter, thanks to eating a diet too rich in saturated fats, sugar and other junk additives. While this is obviously a big problem (pun intentional) for a lot of people, the trend is showing no signs of altering as people seem oblivious to the problems they are bringing on themselves by continuing to eat the very foods that are likely going to cause them to enjoy shortened lives and more propensity to ill health.

So what can be done?

Well, until people realize they have a serious health problem, not much will ever happen. That’s because ultimately, a person’s health is their responsibility. Sure you can argue that the food industry is aggressively promoting all these unhealthy foods and its hard to resist the temptation to eat them, but even the food industry recognizes that the ultimate decision is with the individual person.

That may sound a little harsh especially when you have gained weight through eating foods that you didn’t realize were so unhealthy for you, but again, you chose to eat them without first taking the time to find out for yourself what was in those foods and what the impact would be on your health if you ate them in any quantity and often.

Another big problem is the sizing of food, especially the way the fast food industry is really in our faces about buying bundled meals that seem to always come with a large soda to wash it down with. We naturally go for large size portions or even the super size meals because we think we’re getting better value for our dollar.

While it may be true in an economical sense, it is certainly not true in a health sense because by thinking you’re saving money buying large size meals, you are putting more than you really need to eat in front of you on the table, and human nature being what it is, the natural thing is to eat everything you just bought because you paid for it!

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