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The Cost of Convenient Diets

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need to lose weight but you don’t have time for the traditional type of diet? There are options in convenience diet programs but they come at a cost, which in many cases can actually be far more affordable than many people think.

There are several very good meal replacement diet home delivery dieting programs to choose from. Top favorites are Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Diet-to-Go and Bistro MD but there are others as well. But what do they all cost and are they a better option than traditional dieting methods in terms of cost effectiveness and success?


So let’s start at the first choice and ask, “How much do Nutrisystem diet plans cost?” That’s an easy one since the company posts its prices up on its website for the several different plans it provides. You would be looking at a ball park figure of between $10 – $13 per day for most of their plans.

So how does that compare to other companies providing similar alternatives? Actually, looking around at all the promotional material available online, it actually comes out as one of the least expensive of them all!

Jenny Craig

High on popularity thanks to a lot of big advertising campaigns on TV and in magazines, newspapers and online, Jenny Craig is well known and well used by many customers. The costs are a little higher than most, but they argue that the quality of the food is better and the variety is what their customers like.

As a ballpark figure, the prices per day for this one are between $15 – $26 per day, so a lot higher than its competitors.


The most popular plan from this company is the Medifast 5 and 1 plan, which provides up to six small meals per day for five days and you provide your own food for the sixth. Daily prices for this company’s diets range from the 30 day Medifast Go plan at $329 with special discounts ($11 per day) to the 30 day Flex Complete Kit at $399 ($13.30 per day).


This company provides meals in batches of 5 or 7 days that are generally of much higher quality and come as fresh food that you can collect your self at local pick-up points if there is one near you, or opt for fresh frozen for home delivery. The 5 day, 3 meal Balance plan works out at $137.99 ($27.60 per day) while the 7 day, 3 meal Balance plans with local pickup cost $191.59 ($27.30 per day).

Bistro MD

Like the previous company, Bistro MD provides home delivered meals in batches of 5 or 7 per wee that are of high quality and are fresh frozen. Costs range from the 5 day, 3 meal full plan at $112.46 ($22.20 per day) to the 7 day, 3 meal full plan at $134.96 ($19.30 per day).

The prices are correct at the time of publication and were obtained directly from the respective company websites. In some cases, the price advertised was discounted, but in most cases these discounts are fairly permanent as they are constantly attempting to attract new customers with attractive pricing. Whichever you choose, if you decide to go this route to lose weight, you can be fairly certain you will be successful as long as you stick to the respective plans and do not deviate or cheat.